Who We Are

Mission Statement

To expand employment and income opportunities for Florida residents, through increased exports of goods and services, by providing businesses domiciled in the State of Florida information and technical assistance on export opportunities, exporting techniques, and financial assistance through guarantees and direct loan originations for sale in support of export transactions.
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Legislative Mandate

To increase job opportunities and income for residents of Florida by providing financial, technical, and consulting assistance to small and medium sized Florida companies in support of their export sales.

Effective July 1, 1993, Section 288.770, Florida Statutes, created and funded FEFC as a not-for-profit corporation (501c3) with an economic development mandate to expand employment and income opportunities for residents of the State of Florida. Fulfillment of the mandate is accomplished by increasing exports of goods and services resulting from informational, technical, and financial assistance provided by FEFC. Financial assistance is the primary service provided by FEFC to small and medium-sized Florida export companies.