Financial Assistance Criteria

FEFC financial assistance is available only for exporters and transactions which meet the following requirements:

  • The exporter/borrower must be registered to do business in Florida and be able to produce a current corporation, partnership or proprietorship registration.
  • The exporter/borrower must have less than 250 employees. Full and part time employees are included in this requirement.
  • The exporter/borrower must have less than $6,000,000 of net worth.
  • The equity owner of the exporter/borrower must sign the FEFC application, all loan documents, and personally guarantee the loan.
  • The exporter/borrower must have a specific and verified order from a foreign buyer and the loan must be made to support the order.
  • The goods or services must be shipped from Florida.
  • The maximum FEFC guarantee amount is 90% of the loan or $500,000, which ever is the lowest.
  • The maximum term for a guarantee is one year.
  • The maximum cumulative FEFC financial assistance available to any one exporter/borrower in any five-year period is $500,000. The FEFC Board of Directors may exempt an exporter from this requirement upon proof of need.

If the exporter/borrower applies direct to the FEFC for an FEFC loan guarantee the exporter must demonstrate the inability to obtain funding elsewhere. (Lender loan denial letter, if any, must accompany the application).

An application for an FEFC guarantee which is submitted through a lender must include a lender application stating the loan will be made only with a guarantee from FEFC.

Financial Assistance Criteria

  • Loan guarantees for the lesser of 90% of the loan or $500,000, and up to 100% of the cost of goods sold.
  • No minimum size.
  • May be used to support loans or standby letters of credit.
  • Available for pre-export working capital and/or post export receivables financing.
  • Maximum term for pre or post-export is 180 days, combination is 360 days.
  • Reduced turn-around tme for approval.
  • Flexible collateral requirements.
  • Start-ups are acceptable.

FEFC Program Fees

  • $250.00 Application fee.
  • For Loan Guarantees: 3% Loan Guarantee facility fee based on maximum allowable outstanding at any one time. Rates vary by Lender. 
  • For Direct Loans: 5% Direct Loan facility fee.
  •  Other fees may apply.

Need More Info?

Please call the FEFC office at (786) 845-0400) for further information on program limitations and criteria.